• Retail & Consumer Business

Retail & Consumer Business

The retail & consumer business industry has changed rapidly in recent years. Most significantly, we can access information today from trusted sources, friends and colleagues through social media that is available at our finger tips. In response to these changes, consumer focused businesses have evolved to protect their brands and create an impressive array of products and services, all while reducing the time to market.

BDO helps clients across the industry prosper in both good and challenging times. We provide insights on cost containment, accurate forecasting, inventory control, and sales and revenue management growth strategy. In addition, our professionals understand the various issues affecting your business, including:

. Protecting and building your brand    
. Cost controls to manage shrinkage and maximize profitability
. Finding opportunities in the evolving regulatory environment    
. Make or outsource decisions
. Meeting consumer and customer needs    
. Managing supply chain risk and inventories
. Communicating in a transparent online marketplace    
. Management and skilled labour shortages
. Driving growth in new markets    . Evolving technology
. Innovation and continuous improvement    
. Building the value of your business
. Environmental and community issues    
. Transition of your business to the next generation or to management
. Financial and currency fluctuations, impacting both customer demand and the cost of supply.     
Retail & Consumer Business specialties

BDO helps clients address the changing needs of their companies in key segments of the consumer business industry ― in retail, manufacturing consumer goods, or services. Our key industry sectors include:

. Consumer Products    
. Retail
. Consumer Services    
. Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure
. Food and beverage     

To help clients address the key issues in the consumer business sector we have tailored our services. These include:

. Audit and assurance    
. Information technology solutions
. Taxation    
. Transaction services
. Risk management    
. Business transition
. Financial advisory    
Industry involvement

We have extensive experience in the consumer business sector, working closely with clients as their auditors, taxation consultants and corporate finance advisors. Our active participation in a multitude of international organizations enables us to be responsive to emerging industry issues. Our specific involvement in China includes:

. Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC)
. Food Processors of China (FPC)
. Chinese Franchise Association (CFA)
. Retail Council of China (RCC)