• Financial Services

Financial Services

Increased competition, regulatory reform and changing accounting standards are only a few of the issues affecting the financial services landscape. Our financial services team specializes in a variety of areas including single and multi-employer pension plans and employee benefit plans, investment funds and dealers, insurance companies, credit unions and other financial intermediaries. We take a proactive approach to addressing concerns before they become major issues, and provide tailored services that best fit your needs.

Our experience working with clients across all sectors of the financial services industry gives us the significant advantage of knowing the issues that affect financial services entities today, including:

. Evolving complex regulatory environments    
. Innovative new products to increase assets under management
. Convergence of industries and consolidation    
. Emerging markets
. Transparency of reporting    
. Meeting constantly evolving customer service and product expectations
. Attracting and retaining talent    
. Responding to changing technology
. Responding to increasingly global competition    . Changing accounting standards and other reporting issues
Financial Services specialties

Our financial services team has the experience and skills to assist clients through complex regulatory and tax issues, help them achieve increased profitability and growth, and ensure all regulatory reporting requirements are met. With clients ranging in size and complexity from start-ups to large institutional organizations, we provide a comprehensive suite of integrated services to:

. Banking
. Credit Unions and Other Financial Intermediaries
. Insurance Companies
. Investment Funds and Managers
. Pension and Other Employee Benefit Plans


Our industry professionals have a wide variety of financial and advisory expertise in China and around the world. We have developed our services to include the following, which help our clients address the key issues in the financial services industry:

. Audit and assurance    
. Financial advisory
. Taxation    
. Technology solutions
. Risk management    
. Transaction services
. Planning and Performance    
. Transformation and Change
We are committed to delivering the right team with relevant industry experience to help you stay ahead of the many issues and challenges you face in a highly competitive industry. And, with a global network spanning more than 100 countries, we are located wherever you do business.