• Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate

BDO Of China Corporate Real Estate Advisory Services team combines the resources and experience of top professionals in Site Selection and Business Incentives, Lease Escalation and Utility Audits, Construction Oversight, and Janitorial Consulting to provide a comprehensive suite of real estate focused savings opportunities. Our seamless integration of these professionals allows us to drive efficiencies for our clients through a holistic approach. Our professionals have saved clients over $2 billion dollars. Additionally, BDO is free of conflicts that too often leave companies with less than their full share of savings.
BDO guides clients through the real estate savings process throughout the project term, including site selection and incentives negotiation, lease execution, construction of improvements, and escalation audits.  At each step in the process, our team works collaboratively to uncover overlooked savings opportunities and to provide our clients with the guidance necessary to monetize all available benefits.
BDO Of China Corporate Real Estate professionals focus on the following service areas:
Site Selection and Incentives
Lease Audit and Advisory
Construction Audit and Advisory
Janitorial Audit and Advisory