• History


BDO China Shu Lun Pan CPAs (hereinafter referred to as "Shu Lun Pan CPAs") was founded by Dr. ShuLun Pan, pioneer of China's accounting profession, in Shanghai in 1927, one of the earliest and most influential accounting firms in China's history. The Firm was reincorporated in 1986 and established itself as Shu Lun Pan Changjiang CPAs Co. Ltd in 2000. Shu Lun Pan Yangtze CPAs Co. Ltd changed its name to Shu Lun Pan CPAs Co., Ltd in 2007. The Firm provides independent certified public accounting services in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and is qualified to provide services related to securities and futures industries. In 2010, Shu Lun Pan CPAs became one of the first accounting firms granted the qualification for providing audit services to H-share companies. In the same year, Shu Lun Pan CPAs changed from a limited corporation to a limited liability partnership (LLP), the first accounting LLP in China's history.

Following over 80 years of development, Shu Lun Pan CPAs has established a leading role in China's accounting industry with respect to operational size, service quality, and market reputation.

Since 2001, Shu Lun Pan CPAs has issued the most auditors' reports for listed companies inChina. According to the CICPA's ranking of Top 100 Accounting Firms of China, the BDOranked No. 5 for five consecutive years from 2002 to 2006, right behind the Big-Four international accounting firms in the country.In 2012 BDO declared revenue of 1.774 billion Chinese Yuan, and the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants publish a comprehensive national evaluation of accounting firms in which BDO ranked fifth.

In 2000, Shu Lun Pan CPAs initiated a strategy of expansion, and joined BDO International, the fifth largest international accounting network, in 2009, furthering its global service coverage, expertise and competitive advantages through close coordination and cooperation with BDO International's member firms around the world.

As of 2013, Shu Lun Pan CPAs operates 29 practices throughout China, covering all major cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. While establishing itself as a domestic professional service provider with core competitive advantages, the firm is also building on the momentum of integration of the global capital markets to gradually complete its strategy to build a true national brand in China that is both local and international.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Shu Lun Pan CPAs currently has over 6,000 employees, including more than 1,600 certified public accountants. The Firm is structured to include seven management committees and functional business departments of Auditing, Tax, Advisory, International Business, Risk Management, Information Technology, Training, Asset Appraisal and Accounting Policy Research Center. The Firm's clients include over 300 listed companies, over 300 IPO companies, and more than 2,000 enterprises with foreign investments. The companies Shu Lun Pan CPAs provides services to cover a wide range of size and industries including large national enterprises, state-owned companies, commercial banks, securities companies, futures brokerage, insurance, trusts and funds.

Shu Lun Pan CPAs services are guided by the principles of independence and objectivity, Shu Lun Pan CPAs professionals are committed to professional ethics, diligence, quality, public interest, social responsibilities and value-added professional services.